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  • Get Customer details
  • Receive customers contact details and requirement/need summary.
  • Quickly call customers
  • Customers tend to be active for a few hours after they post a need. Call customers quickly, follow up through chats, get your job done faster.
  • Enrich your profile with customer reviews and portfolio
  • Customers engage with businesses that have a rich profile page. Add work photos,reviews and bolster your profile page.
  • Continue expanding your business on Adaalo
  • Join the 100k + network, reach out to more customers and grow your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

First, we find customers who looking for help and collect information & verify their requirements. Adaalo matchmaking platform identifies relevant businesses based on the service type, location preference, and other factors. Once the match is found, we send the customers information to the matched businesses. The businesses can contact the customers directly and convert them to customers. Adaalo will also help you build your brand by enriching your business profile with customer reviews and portfolios to help attract more customers to your business. .

Today, the market is seeing cut-throat competition between small businesses while big companies are attracting customers with their marketing resources. Adaalo is the best option for small business owners to get genuine leads and grow their business into a brand. Sign up today by clicking on the link below.

The price of our service requests varies by the type of request and the location of the request. Once enrolled, you can see the current price of leads for each service request by downloading the Adaalo Business app. To download the app click here.

Adaalo business app gives you full control. You can define your services in-depth, locality preferences to ensure you receive leads matched as you want. If you are busy you can pause the lead flow and restart anytime. Sign up today to learn more!

To begin your sign up, just click on the sign-up button below

While searching for a service, any customer looks for various search options - Adaalo, JD, Google, Indiamart etc. Similarly, when you look for business development marketing, you too would have choices.


100% verified leads and NOT junk leads

Adaalo asks questions to enquiring customers, verifies their needs, and verifies their authenticity through OTP every single time. So obviously the leads that are passed on are 100% genuine & verified.

Genuine Internet users

Every single customer of Adaalo is internet savvy. He has generally enquired for his need and searches for a solution at adaalo. He is internet and the friendly. He thus understands your business angle rationally.

Less competition

At Adaalo the lead that you receive has been shared with 4-5 other. Which means competition is less and if you act fast on your lead and smartly, the business is all yours!

Technology enabled - Quality leads than bulk leads

With Artificial Intelligence, backend customer support & query management systems in place, Adaalo ensures you get NOT a big quantity of all kinds of leads but meaningful ones that can be converted easily.

Customer - Now or when?

Through the questioning procedure & Enquiry Management System,Adaalo analyses the period in which the customer is likely to need your service. This ensures that you have greater enquiry-conversion cycle - leading to quicker profits!